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St. Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 651 917 5519
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Speech Therapy

When we speak, we are heard. When we listen, we hear. However, there are children, teenagers and adults who struggle with such basic sensory functions. This is because their communication skills or abilities are hampered by an illness or certain sensory impairments. Speech Therapy can help.

If you know someone who need to get treatment, Family First Home Care, Inc. can help. Speech Therapy can treat conditions such as:

  • Down Syndrome
  • Voice Disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Articulation Problems
  • Language Delays
  • Involuntary Stuttering
  • Involuntary Stammering
  • Cognitive Disabilities
  • Tourette Syndrome
  • Swallowing Difficulties
  • Dyslexia
  • Reading Difficulties
  • Comprehension Challenges

We look forward to helping you improve your communication skills. Experience Speech Therapy at its best only from Family First Home Care, Inc..